How it works

Known to some as U-Brew, U-Vin, Urban Winery, Craft Wine or FOP; this a facility where you the customer can choose a wine kit made with grapes from vineyards around the world to be fermented using professional equipment.

  1. Come in to see our selection of wines kits.  Once you make your purchase, we mix the ingredients and YOU pitch in the yeast.

  2. Kits take between 4 - 8 weeks depending on the type of wine.  We take care of the wine making process.  When your wine is ready, we will get in touch with you to schedule your bottling appointment.

  3. Bring in your clean empty bottles or purchase new ones from us.  Use our equipment to sterilize the bottles, fill each with wine, and cork them. 

  4. Options available:

  • Colored shrink tops

  • Stock labels

  • Custom labels

  • Wedding/Special event packages

  • Corporate packages