Wedding & Special Occasion Packages

We know weddings are expensive, and we can help! Whether for showers, table wines or favours, crafting your own wine is the perfect solution.  Make your special occasion more affordable and personal with wines you have crafted yourself. Choose a wine or wines you and your guests or friends will enjoy, and we’ll help you get through the process ~ it’s fun and easy.


You can personalize your wines with custom labels made just for the occasion and coordinating shrink tops.  Make your bottling appointment a fun event as either an enjoyable date night with your fiance or a night out with the wedding party.  

Not sure how much to make?

In general, we advise you to plan for 2-3 glasses per guest. Each batch makes 23L (30 x 750ml bottles or 60 x 375ml bottles), which is enough for about 45 guests. The following may help you determine number of  batches to consider:

1 – 45 guests = 1 batch

46 – 90 guests = 2 batches

91 – 135 guests = 3 batches

136 – 180 guests = 4 batches